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Design Your Own T-Shirt!

Let's practice patterns and design our very own t-shirts!

Today's drawing was inspired by the story A Pattern for Pepper, by Julie Kraulis.

In “A Pattern for Pepper,” Pepper is getting a dress made for a special occasion. It's the first dress that has ever been made just for her, and she wants it to be perfect. But what pattern is right for her? Pepper is particular, and nothing works at first. Dotted Swiss? Too plain. Houndstooth? Not enough color. Pinstripe? Too glum. As Pepper learns about each fabric, she finds a reason why it's just not the one.

Will Pepper ever be able to find the perfect pattern?

You can find the book here!

For this project, you'll need:

- Paper

- Something to Draw with (Like a pencil!)

- Something to Outline with (optional)

- Something to Color with (I'm using my favorite beeswax crayons)

That's it! Use your creativity to create your very own unique t-shirt design. You can find me on Instagram (@brireadsofficial) and use the hashtag #bridraws to show me your finished drawing!

Watch my video, starting at (25:10) for step by step directions:

For a coloring page version, print out this sheet!

Have fun!

I can't wait to see what you create ❤️🔵🔶

Love, Bri

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