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How to Draw Pete the Cat: Summertime Surfing!

Let's draw Pete the Cat surfing on a big wave in the summertime!

Today's drawing was inspired by the beloved storybook character Pete the Cat, created by James Dean. Pete is one groovy cat who's always up to something fun. In this drawing, we're imagining Pete in the summertime and what he might be doing!

Use your creativity to design a special surfboard and swim trunks for Pete, or create your very own summer scene.

For this project, you'll need: - Paper - Something to Draw with

(Like a pencil!) - Something to Color with (I'm using my favorite beeswax crayons)

That's it! You can find me on Instagram (@brireadsofficial) and use the hashtag #bridraws to show me your finished drawing!

Watch my video on YouTube for step by step instructions:

Here's a printable coloring page version!

Lots of love,


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